Learn from the top creators in the space on how to escape the 9-5 and become a creator who can make money anywhere in the world. Get access to job opportunities and full library of downloadable assets.

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Taught by 40+ of the industry leading social creators

Filmmaking 101

Learn the best techniques to bring your filming to the next level and help to get high paying clients.

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Business is crucial when it comes to running a creative job. Time to show the secrets of how to run a successful business.

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Photo Editing

Learn the ins and outs of the latest editing software. Hidden secrets and the must know tools you should know.

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Sound Design

Learn how to master SFX to take your work to the next level. Sound is 70% of your film, so lets learn it right.

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Colour grading 101

If it's DaVinci or Premier pro, Final Cut, we have you covered to make your footage look the best it can be.

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Social Media

Learn from our instructors with combined over 4 million followers. Social is the one of biggest ways to get your brand out there.

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Mobile creation

Our instructors have worked along side Sony and other major brands to create their mobile content.


Equipment 101

Learn what to buy & save money with cameras, lenses, lights, microphones, stabilizers, etc.

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Travel Content

This is our main speciality, we create some of the best content in the travel space for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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On- Field Lessons

Learn on the field from our instructors, who have worked with Nike, DJI, Canon and many more.

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FPV is the next art to learn. Learn from the ground up on how to build and fly.

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Level up your drone skills and learn from instructors who have worked with DJI.

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Learn the secrets of lighting car automotive photography. We have worked with the biggest car brands.

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Underwater creation is whole another game. Learn from the best in Hawaii.

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After Effects can be a maze, learn some trending editing styles to make your videos stand out and shine above the others.

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Final cut Pro

Learn an efficient FCP workflow and colour grading techniques. Master one of the fastest editing softwares.

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Da Vinci Resolve

Dive into the world of Da Vinici. We teach you the power of colour grading in one of the most powerful softwares.

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Premiere Pro

Learn the A-Z of Premiere Pro to get started and advancing in your editing game. Learn secret plugins and effects to have that edge.

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These aren't your typical Youtube tutorials. We'll cover everything from mindset shifts to technical & creative tools, business development and more. Over 100 hours of content and it's only growing more and more.


Learn from the best in the industry. We have over 40+ creators, that have worked with brands such as, Adobe, Canon, Sony, Google and many more. Time to learn their secrets.

$4000+ worth

Instantly enhance your content. with our library of creative assets designed by our instructors. Access to our growing library of materials. New monthly uploads. Our assets have a total value of $2000+ but you get it all for FREE.


Become a part of our community. Learn from each other and grow with each other. Stay up to date with the latest trends and meet like minded people.


As you will be mentored by 39 of the world best creators - We among the mentor team often have a lot of business request that we have to pass up on. This means that top students from the course are getting free clients worth up to 4000$ for free, given directly from us to our students. So far we’ve given business inquires to our students worth over +30000$ to our course takers. We are THE ONLY COURSE doing this within the film course industry.


Our exclusive "digital mentorship" platform - giving you exclusive access to a game changing custom built live platform booking system. Request and book mentorship with your favourite creator.


With over 11 million combined followers

Mitchell Mullins

Filmmaker - 50K followers


Filmmaker - 400K followers

Nolan Omura

Photographer - 1M followers


Filmmaker - 65K followers

Benn Tk

Filmmaker - 850K followers

Just Kay

Filmmaker - 400K followers

Visuals of Julius

Photoshop - 453K followers

Keenan Lam

Filmmaker - 100K followers

Malthe Zimakoff

Photographer - 105K followers

Merr Watson

Drone Photographer - 100K followers

Justin Tse

Filmmaker - 910K followers

Joey Palmroos

Filmmaker - 200K followers

Ronald Ong

Photoshop - 350K followers

Alex Stead

Photographer - 1.1M followers

Luke J Clark

Photographer - 250K followers

Andras Ra

Filmmaker - 135K followers

Joel Elman

FPV - 35K followers

Kierra Summer

Photographer - 110K followers

JSR Pixel

Hyperlapses - 43K followers

Corey Crawford

Photographer - 111K followers

Elliot Chau

Photographer - 112K followers

Brian Durkee

Filmmaker - 5K followers


Flimmaker - 111K followers

Kyle Vollaers

Photographer - 131K followers

Oliver Jai

Graphic Design - 21.7K followers

Georgia Ma

Business - 12K followers

Jonas Hornehoj

Photographer - 90K followers

Elliott Grafton

Filmmaker - 65K followers

Jessic Hnsn

Filmmaker - 100K followers

Naomi Genota

Social Media - 80K followers

Natalia Seth

Photographer - 425K followers

Nabil El Hamdaoui

Filmmaker - 70K followers


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What’s included?

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Instant access to over 150 classes and unlimited downloads from our creative assets library (LUTs, presets, Photoshop brushes, SFX, lens flares, light rays, film grains, templates and more). And, first access to new classes and instructors every single month.

Why should I buy this course?

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Whether you’re just beginning your creative journey or you’re looking for ways to develop your artistic skills and business know-how, you have come to the right place! Creator Classes is an indepth set of tutorials across photo, video, editing, social and business that gives you the tools to start or progress your creative career. With Creator Classes, you can become a well-rounded, creator, producer and director of your own business.

What do you teach in your classes?

+ -
So much! You can see a full list of our classes on our module page (see above) We have over 150+ classes from 40 different creators.

How long are the classes?

+ -
The beauty of our classes is that each and every one is unique! Class length ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

What makes Creator Classes different?

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Our classes are made for creators, by creators. They understand the creative process and grind, because they have been through it all themselves before. Our instructors empower you with real tools to succeed, teaching you the skills they have perfected along the way.

Are the materials really unlimited downloads?

+ -
Yes, with our subscription you can download as many of our 500+ materials as you want! New assets are added every month, so you can be the first with all the latest trends.

When can I watch the classes?

+ -
Whenever suits you. Our library of pre-recorded classes means you can watch 24/7, whether you’re a night owl an early riser, or a watch over your lunch break kind of person.

Is Creator classes suited for beginners or people with experience?

+ -
Both! Our amazing creators share their knowledge at a pace that is accessible to everyone. If you’re new to this, you’ll be taken through the steps you need to take as a beginner from recommended equipment to programme setup and shortcuts. And once you’ve nailed that, or for people with some experience already, you can dive straight into developing in-depth and complex techniques and creations that even experienced creators are excited and challenged by.